Free Divorce Papers in Colorado

If you are reading this article, it means that you probably intend to divorce. After searching for information on the divorce issue, it is possible to conclude that marriage dissolution is not only emotionally and psychologically pressing but also financially challenging.

The good news is that you can avoid the high costs of the protracted and exhausting court procedures with the expensive lawyer’s involvement and do everything on your own if you have a full-agreement, uncontested divorce. In such a case, you just need to obtain and complete free divorce papers and file them with the local court, only paying a filing fee.

But where do you get free divorce papers in Colorado? You can easily find free divorce papers online on the official governmental websites or get them at an online paperwork preparation service for a very moderate price. In this article, we provide useful tips on what documents you may need for your marriage dissolution and offer some examples of free printable divorce papers in Colorado.

Be aware that the list of free divorce papers in Colorado provided on this page is solely presented as a useful resource for informational purposes. For legal advice, contact a lawyer to discuss possible risks of self-representation or to get consultation on your further actions with free divorce forms that you managed to obtain online.

Understanding possible difficulties spouses are likely to face in the process of divorce, we decided to describe all the divorce steps in detail. In this article, you can find a brief overview of the process of divorce in Colorado, a package of documents required by the court, filing fees, approximate timelines, and specifics of an online divorce process. While every case is unique, this article can help you understand the basics of the Colorado process of divorce.

To figure out the possible complexities of dissolutionment of marriage, we have gathered crucial information on Colorado divorce laws. In this article, we aim to answer the most pressing questions about the steps to divorce in Colorado, the state eligibility requirements, grounds for uncontested dissolution of marriage, the way disputes are settled, and some other divorce laws in Colorado.

If you register on our platform and complete an online questionnaire, we will gladly help you with dissolution of marriage forms. For a moderate flat fee, you will get the full package of case-specific ready-to-file documents and comprehensive instructions on the filing process.

Basic Printable Divorce Papers in Colorado

The basic package of free printable divorce papers in Colorado is pretty much standard. It includes free divorce papers mandatory for both contested and uncontested cases, regardless of whether you file alone or jointly with your spouse. So, before searching for free divorce papers online, you should know which ones are obligatory.

See the list of basic free Colorado divorce papers and forms:

One of the printable divorce papers in Colorado filed at the initial stage of the process. It contains details about the parties to the case, their children, if any, as well as their legal representatives if they choose to use such services.

Certificate of Compliance with Mandatory Financial Disclosures

Should be filed along with the Sworn Financial Statement to inform the court that you have exchanged these documents with your spouse.

Among the mandatory printable divorce papers in Colorado since it declares that your marriage is over and you are officially free. Besides, it presents all the orders you must comply with after your divorce.

Must be completed, signed, and notarized by each party separately, shared with each other, and filed within 42 days after serving the papers with the respondent or after you jointly filed the Petition. In this legal document, you should present your financial information, including income, expenses, assets, and debts, for the judge to use when deciding on child and spousal support.

The most important of all the free divorce papers in Colorado that you will need since it serves as a formal request to the court to dissolve your marriage and presents the petitioner’s relief requests. You may file this document individually or jointly with your spouse if you have an uncontested divorce.

In case minor children are involved, or either party wants to make additional requests, you will need to look for some other free divorce papers in Colorado. Some of your options will be discussed in the next section of this article.

Situational Printable Divorce Forms in Colorado

The choice of printable divorce forms in Colorado greatly depends on each individual case’s circumstances. For example, if you have minor kids, you will need divorce printable forms related to child custody and support. Similarly, additional free printable divorce forms in Colorado would be required depending on whether you file jointly or individually and if you will need either to refuse from the hearing or to serve the papers to your spouse.

Therefore, while looking for free Colorado divorce forms online, consider your circumstances and needs. Below is the list of situational free Colorado divorce papers and forms that you may require:

Should be served on the respondent to notify them about the beginning of the case. You do not need it if you sign the Petition jointly with your spouse for an uncontested divorce.

One of the free divorce forms required if minor children are involved. In it, you must specify both parents’ financial details to define the type of custody and support to be awarded.

Needed if you have a full-agreement, uncontested divorce, have completed and filed all the required papers for it, and do not need to attend a hearing.

One of the printable divorce forms in Colorado required for an uncontested divorce. If you and your spouse fully agree on debt and property division, you should outline these terms in this document, sign it together, and file with the court.

Outlines the details about the party responsible for making certain child-related decisions, the time kids will spend with each parent, whom they will live with, where they will spend holidays and special occasions, etc. You must offer your mutual proposed parenting plan and sign it together.

Of course, this list of free divorce forms in Colorado is not complete. As it has already been specified, everything depends on your personal situation and circumstances. While you can hire a lawyer who can help you obtain and complete these papers, you can save on their hourly fees and find the necessary free divorce forms online. Also, you may order papers from reliable online services. Though the forms are not provided for free, the fees are moderate if compared to what lawyers charge for preparing the required paperwork.