Cheap Divorce in Colorado: Available Methods

When the relationship doesn’t work, the only way out is to end it. Of course, it is a challenging decision to make since everyone understands that divorce is often a complicated process that will likely drain the family budget and lead to emotional stress for everyone involved.

Having no other options to fix the situation, couples try to obtain a cheap divorce in Colorado to save at least the family budget. But what’s the cheapest way to get a divorce? What’s the most budget-friendly procedure? And where can you find cheap divorce papers or a lawyer with moderate fees?

In this article, we will try to answer the most pressing questions about cheap divorce in Colorado. You’ll learn about the available options, ways to economize on them, whether it is possible to arrange a cheap divorce in Colorado if you have children, what cheap divorce forms you may need, and how you can get cheap divorce papers online.

How to Get a Cheap Divorce in Colorado?

The surest way to get a cheap divorce in Colorado is to agree with the spouse on all the aspects of your marriage dissolution and make it uncontested. The amount of money you can save will depend on the option you choose further.

Divorce with a Lawyer

A lawyer will guide you through the process, complete the paperwork, and advise on the most beneficial arrangements. However, their busy schedule may delay the process finalization, and hourly fees, which are $250-$400, will make it rather costly. While it’s not the cheapest way to get a divorce, some tricks can help to economize when getting help from a lawyer.

  • Ensure an uncontested divorce without lengthy negotiations and multiple hearings; avoid the court’s involvement in resolving issues concerning children and property, reducing the lawyer’s total rates.
  • Instead of engaging an attorney in the entire process, ask for specific help like a comprehensive consultation or paperwork preparation. Some lawyers have fixed rates for certain services, which are lower than hourly fees.
  • You may resort to pro bono legal assistance. However, human service programs mostly target underprivileged groups, so you must prove your low-income status or domestic violence.

Do-It-Yourself Divorce

The cheapest way to divorce is a do-it-yourself procedure, which is possible if your case is uncontested. If you and your spouse agree on all the marriage dissolution terms, you can proceed on your own, getting a quick and cheap divorce in Colorado without involving a lawyer.

Nevertheless, you should know that finding and filling out the right cheap divorce papers may be quite challenging. You must ensure that the forms you get are updated and county-specific for the court to accept them. Besides, some papers are optional, while others are required only in particular circumstances. And, of course, you must be extremely attentive while filling them out. A single misspelled name or mistakenly checked box can make you redo the paperwork and start the process anew, making a quick divorce in Colorado a difficult goal to achieve.

Online Paperwork Preparation

Online divorce paperwork preparation service is perfect for completing Colorado divorce forms online and starting an uncontested divorce procedure. With it, you get:

  • 100% court-approved and case-specific divorce papers online;
  • Detailed instructions on how to file for divorce in Colorado online;
  • Affordable fixed fee for the whole package;
  • 24/7 customer support.

Cheapest Way to Get a Divorce with a Child in Colorado

The cheapest way to get a divorce with a child in Colorado is the couple’s agreement on custody, visitation, and support terms that they pledge to follow after the marriage dissolution. A full-agreement, uncontested divorce does not require lawyers to negotiate disputes or protect your rights in court, which saves a lot of money and time. All you need to do is get cheap divorce papers, complete them, and file them with the county court on your own.

The question of how to get a cheap divorce in Colorado with a child troubles a lot of people who worry about their kids’ future and the influence of divorce expenses on it. To act in the children’s best interests, spouses should try to end a marriage on amicable terms to protect kids’ mental health and ensure their happy future even if the parents do not live together anymore.

So, what’s the cheapest way to get a divorce with a child? Here are a few steps for you to follow:

  1. Do your best to settle all the disputes with your spouse amicably and reach agreements on all the issues concerning your children.
  2. Download and complete cheap divorce papers online. The basic set of divorce forms will also include a Parenting Plan and a Child Support Worksheet.
  3. File the papers with the county court clerk.
  4. Pay a filing fee.
  5. Attend a hearing.
  6. Get your Decree of Dissolution of Marriage with all the court orders you must comply with afterward.


The cheapest way to divorce is to agree with the other party on the divorce terms and file the papers with the local court without a lawyer’s involvement.

To obtain a cheap divorce, ensure the case is uncontested and proceed with it independently, without hiring an attorney or other legal specialists.

To get a cheap divorce in Colorado with a child, make sure that you and your spouse can agree on child custody, support, and visitation issues without an attorney’s assistance. Fill out the necessary forms and file them with the county court on your own.